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Feirm Farraige Oilean Chliara Teoranta trading as Clare Island Seafarm,
Achill Island,
County Mayo.
Phone 098 45375 Fax 098 45378

Since establishment in 1986, Clare Island Seafarm has developed the premium quality market niche for its farmed salmon and is now recognised as the world-leading producer of organically farmed salmon. The Swiss, German, and French organic markets have grown each year through close commercial relationships with our customers, with sales in 2001 of €7.5M. Every year our customers travel to our farm sites in Clew Bay to see for themselves the pristine and high wave energy conditions where we farm our salmon. Last May our main Swiss
Clare Island Seafarm
customer who is the biggest supermarket chain in Switzerland made a 5 minute promotional film of our farms in Clew Bay which was shown on prime time television at 7.55pm just before the main evening news. This will have spin-off benefits to local tourism.

With a total workforce of 31, 12 from Clare Island and 15 from Achill Island, Clare Island Seafarm is one of the largest employers on both islands and so plays a vital role in the local economies and island community life.

The farm work involves daily husbandry of the salmon in strong flexible cages moored off Clare Island in outer Clew Bay. The salmon are hand fed special organic feed made from fish meal and fish oil with 20 to 30 % organic wheat and soya. The fish meal and fish oil is from the off-cuts of fish caught for human consumption in the Atlantic and landed in Killybegs. We operate a fully audited traceability system for organic standards assurance. The cage nets are regularly checked to avoid escapes and changed out for washing-off marine growth and general
maintenance 6 or 7 times a year.The young salmon smolts are lifted in large bins out to the cages from the delivery trucks by helicopter every February and March, to start the next production cycle. After 15 to 24 months at sea the salmon reach market size of 4.5 kg and are harvested and brought ashore for processing, packing and distribution to Europe in chill trucks. Because of the offshore high wave energy conditions the work is difficult and challenging, especially during the long winter months, but rewarding in the end when these beautiful salmon are harvested.

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