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BOAT CLUB MEMORIES    Calling all guys and dolls who ‘graduated’ from Cork Boat Club, Blackrock in the ‘60’s.
Sunday nights when we jived and fox-trotted to bands like the late Johnny Byrne with Brendan O’Brien in his ranks. The marvellous Dukes featuring Ted O’Mahony, Arthur Butler and the wonderful voice of the late Paddy Walsh. Music makers with Con McGowen, Jimmy Mintern plus many more talented entertainers.
Close your eyes and recall Barmy Summer Nights and Ladies Bash (invitation), Jim Reeves’ “He’ll Have to Go”, Danny Williams’ “Moon River”, “Visions of Love,” by Cliff Richard. Couples in close embrace ‘hands all round’ and things were serious.
Us guys “Cock of the wall” in snazzy suits and pointed shoes. Every girl a ‘lasher’ in dresses with umpteen underskirts. Not a jumper or jeans in sight. The world our oyster. Carefree wonderful days.
I’m sure if a supper dance, or better still, a dinner dance was organised for the ‘classes of the 60’s’ it would be a respounding success.

Neil O’Donoghue,



Dear Editor,
With regard to last weeks letter from Neil re-Boat Club Memories. It brought me back to those balmy nights of the 60’s era. I was one of those “Dolls” in “Umpteen Underskirts”. I would be starching it from one Sunday night to the other. Neil used to dance there before he met the love of his life, he was a thorough gentleman. Every Sunday night there would be a stampede for the bus at the Statue at The fare was 7 old pennys ( 3 new pence). The Boat Club was 7 old shillings (15 new pence), I stand to be corrected on those prices.
Every Monday morning we would get the ‘Examiner’ at work to read who would be playing in the Boat Club on the following Sunday night. The “Music Makers” were our favourites, and that would be our topic for the rest of the week. Jim Reeves was my favourite singer. The lights were always low in the Boat Club. The “Guys” would stand on one side of the hall, and the “Dolls” on the other side. When the music played up the “Guys” would make a bee-line across the floor for the “Dolls”. It was like a cattle mart. During the night ‘Ladies Choice’ would play up, that meant you would ask the “Guy” you danced with for the previous dance, and then he would return the next dance, and that meant you would have three dances with the same “Guy”.
I would always watch what colour ‘Tie’ the “Guy” would have that danced me, just in case Ladies Choice would play up.
This incident always stands out in my mind. As I said the lights were low. Ladies Choice played up. The “Guy” I had danced with had a lavender tie. I went across the floor to find him, saw this “Guy” with a lavender tie and I asked him to dance. We were going around the floor when I spotted the other poor “Guy” standing by the wall with his lavender tie and a long face on him, I nearly choked. I said to the fella I was dancing with that I had made a mistake, he started laughing and said “We are the only two guy’s in the hall with lavender ties”.
They were very trendy for that era. And would you believe the first “Guy” came back to me for the return of ladies choice. I was mortified, I apologised to him, he accepted and I was always guaranteed a dance with him from that night on. I did not marry the “Guy” with the lavender tie. But all my friends and myself met our husbands at the Boat Club, thirty odd years ago, and today we are all happily married . So Neil you will be in-undated with requests for the Re-cycled Teenagers Dinner Dance.
Thanks for the memories Neil!

Yours Sincerly
Re-cycled Teenager, Douglas