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April 20, 1919

Arms captured in raid on Araglin RIC Barracks by Fermoy Battalion

Sept 7, 1919

Arms capture at Fermoy by Cork No. 2 brigade. One British soldier killed and three wounded.

April 3, 1920

Freemount RIC Barracks destroyed in attack.

June 20, 1920

Brigadier General Lucas, Commander of 16th. Brigade captured by IRA.

August 4, 1920

Kildorrery ambush - at least one Black and Tan killed and 6 wounded 

August 7 1920

Formation of Second Brigade IRA Flying Column.

August 14, 1920

Attack on aeroplane guard at Dromagh, near Clonbanin. One British soldier killed.

August 15, 1920

Shootings at Derrygallon, Kanturk. Volunteers Paddy Clancy and Jack O'Connell killed.

Sept 28, 1920

Capture of Mallow military barracks.

Sept 28, 1920

Ballydrochane (Kanturk) Ambush - a number of British killed and wounded.

Oct 17, 1920

Michael Fitzgerald of Fermoy dies on hunger strike at Cork gaol.

Nov 22, 1920

IRA Captain Patrick McCarthy is shot dead during ambush on Black and Tans at Millstreet. 

Nov 26, 1920

Three British soldiers killed in ambush near Glanworth.

Dec 1, 1920

Sacking of Fermoy by Auxiliary forces.

Dec 10, 1920

Ambush on military lorry by Fermoy Battalion column - nine British soldiers are disarmed.

Jan 4, 1920

Ambush of British lorries at Meelin, near Newmarket.

Jan 6, 1920

Burning of Meelin village by Black and Tans.

Jan 28, 1920

Ambush at Tureengarriffe, near Kerry-Cork border.

Feb 1, 1920

Four civilians shot dead at Mallow railway station.

Feb 2 1920

Con Murphy from near Millstreet is executed by British authorities.

Feb 11 1920

Mallow - Tralee train ambushed at Drishanebeg by Millstreet battalion.

Feb 12, 1920

RIC Constable Patrick Joseph Walsh shot dead at Charleville.

Feb 15, 1920

IRA suffer heavy losses at Mourne Abbey when surprised by British forces.

March 5, 1920

British suffer heavy losses at Clonbanin Ambush. 

March 8 1920

Ambush at Fr. Murphy's Bridge, near Banteer by members of Kanturk flying column.

March 10 1920

Roundup by British military at Nadd, North Cork. Four IRA volunteers are shot dead. 

March 13, 1920

Vice-Commandant Charles O'Reilly shot dead by Black and Tans at Coolagh Bridge, Newmarket.

March 18, 1920

RIC patrol ambushed near Castletownroche.

April 10 1920

2 RIC constables shot dead at Scart, near Kildorrery.

April 25, 1920

British intelligence officer executed by I.R.A. near Charleville 

May 15, 1920

Arrest of Commandant Sean Moylan by British at Kiskeam

June 1, 1921

RIC member Joseph Holman shot dead near Kilworth.

June 16, 1921

Over twenty auxiliaries killed or wounded in ambush at Rathcoole, near Millstreet.

June 27 1921

RIC member Thomas Shanley shot dead at Kildorrery.