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Overview of the Bsc. in Computer Applications

All of the links on the right hand side of this page are links to some of the larger projects that I had to complete during my final year at DCU. There are also links to the subjects which I took for my final year and a short module description detailing what each module involved. At the end are some links to the structure of the Computing degree at DCU going from first year through to fourth year.

During third Year all DCU students take part in the INTRA (INtegrated TRAining) Program. This is basically a six month internship program which is run in association with numerous companies throughout the world. For my internship I worked with IrishLife Investment Managers as part of their I.T team.(More details available on my Curriculum Vitae).

The Degree also requires two large projects to be completed, one in third year and one in fourth year. These projects are both detailed below.

Computing Links

Sun -Java links Java Patterns -Java Developer's -Redbrick- C++ -DevShed CodeGuru UML --O' Reilly Online Books-- Corba

Recruitment Links

GradIreland IrishJobs jobsnation CPL Monster RecruitIreland Eolas IrishTimes Hookhead GoJobSite ITRecruitment

Miscellaneous Links

Entertainment.ie Daily Club Listings Club Directory -Punchbaby -RinkWorks-- Downloads ---Ebay Vodafone Serials Kanadas

David Reade Computer Applications Software Engineering - Last updated March 2003
Projects Semester 1

Project Preparation
OO Project
Multimedia Essay
Graphics Assignment

Project Semester 2

OO Models Z-specification
Multimedia Essay
Distributed Assignment I
Distributed Assignment II --

Final Year Project

1. Proposal
2. Functional Spec.
3. Technical Manual
4. User Manual

5. Config Guide
6. Presentation

Third Year Project

1. Functional Spec.
2. Technical Manual
3. User Manual
4. Battleship Game

Course Description

Computer Applications

Subjects Semester 1

1. Object Oriented Metrics
2. Multimedia Retrieval
3. Computer Graphics
4. Database Theory
5. Project Preparation
6. Digital Signal Processing

Subjects Semester 2

1. Object Oriented Models
2. Distributed Prog.
3. Multimedia Technology
4. Final Year Project

Structure in Years

1. First Year
2. Second Year
3. Third Year
4. Fourth Year