All Douglas aluminium heavy duty pulleys in standard and non-standard dimensions are available in Hard Anodised Finish also.
For easy reference we refer to this as HF.
When ordering Hard Anodising Finish please simply state  HF
After pulley dimensions.


Hard Anodised Aluminium may be defined, Anodised Aluminium with abrasion resistance as a primary characteristic, the production of which requires special anodising techniques. The solution and operation of the process are fundamentally the same as for ordinary  Sulphuric  Acid Anodising but all the variables are chosen to give a thick hard abrasion resistant surface that exceeds the hardness of Engineering Chromium.
The Taper Abrader Test is the preferred system for determining relative resistance to wear and our tests  resulted in excellent wear resistance of our Douglas Hard Anodised Aluminium pulleys ve versus Cast Iron pulleys. 
After Hard Anodising , Aluminium is extremely wear and corrosion resistant.
When  Hard Anodised Douglas Heavy Duty Aluminium Pulleys give even greater wear resistance than our standard excellent long-life wear perforformance.
Most of our new Customers are as a result of directly replacing Cast-Iron Pulleys with our Douglas Superb long life wear performance heavy duty aluminium pulleys. 
Hard anodising gives a dark grey finish which is pleasing to the eye.

We are available to discuss your requirements at all times, please let us have the opportunity of quoting you and we look forward to hearing from you on phone, fax or E-Mail.

Douglas is the regd. Brand name / Trade Mark of all our pulleys.

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