White Ladder:

  • iht Records 1998
  • EastWest 2000
  • ATO Records 2000
Produced by:
David Gray

  • This Year`s Love
  • Babylon
  • Please Forgive Me

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1. Please Forgive Me 
2. Babylon
3. My Oh My
4. We're Not Right
5. Silver Lining
6. White Ladder
7. This Year's Love
8. Sail Away
9. Say Hello Wave Goodbye

About this album

White Ladder was the album that saw David Gray's fortunes change completely. Originally released in Ireland in November 1998 on iht Records, his own label, the CD immediately soared through the charts, building on his already massive Irish popularity. Soon after, it was released in the UK where it sold over 100,000 copies on initial release. After many months of touring and three singles (This Year`s Love, Babylon, Please Forgive Me), White Ladder's success culminated in a sell out gig at the Point Depot, Dublin's largest music venue, in 1999.

The album listing (above) refers to the original CD release, which is now hard-to-find. This is a result of the enormous explosion of popularity which occured between 1999 and 2000 in the David Gray universe. White Ladder was released in the US (see details here) in an expanded format with 2 extra songs and live footage, and then subsequently re-released in the UK, under EastWest, David's new record label. This new release features the extra track 'Nightblindness' (previously a b-side) and 'Through to Myself' (which was the secret track on the original White Ladder release). In more recent times, iht Records have also rereleased White Ladder in Ireland, using the same format as EastWest. That makes 4 different versions of White Ladder available!   

Secret Track:

There is a secret track on White Ladder, hidden cleverly for all to find. Note: this track is only available on the original 1998 iht Records release.

  • Play track 1 of White Ladder
  • Press the rewind button [<<] until -2:00 minutes
  • Listen to the secret track!




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