White Ladder (US):

ATO Records 2000
Produced by:
David Gray

  • Babylon

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1. Please Forgive Me
2. Babylon
3. My Oh My
4. We're Not Right
5. Nightblindness
6. Silver Lining
7. White Ladder
8. This Year's Love
9. Sail Away
10. Say Hello Wave Goodbye
11. Babylon II

About this album
Although White Ladder had been released in Ireland and the UK for almost 2 years on David's independent label, iht Records, fans in America could only get the album on import. The full, American release of White Ladder came about after the setting up of ATO Records by Dave Matthews. Being a long time fan of David Gray, he sought him out to be the record company's debut signing. White Ladder was released in America on March 21st 2000, accompanied by a whistle-stop tour of cities by David himself, as well as appearances on numerous chat shows and radio programmes.

The album differs slightly from the Irish/UK release, firstly in the CD packaging - this version has a slightly different cover and also contains all of the song lyrics inside. The main differences lie on the CD itself - there are two bonus tracks, Nightblindness (previously a b-side) and Babylon II (a radio-remix of Babylon, also from a previous single), which blend in perfectly to the album and also the CD is enhanced, with a CD ROM interview and concert footage from the massive concert in the Point Depot, Dublin. The featured song is Please Forgive Me - one of the best from the night.

One slight difference on the US version of the album, which may be of disappointment to fans is the exclusion of the secret song ('Can't Get Through'), which was tucked away on the original (click here if you haven't found the secret song on White Ladder).

The album is well worth having even if you have purchased the original - the concert footage alone makes is worth it.



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