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The band is made up of many sections. When a new member joins he/she has a wide variety of sections to choose from. The band currently has the capacity to take up to 250 members. Upon a new members arrival, the first week is an introduction to the band. They will be given a tour so as they can choose what section is best for them. This tour involves meeting our experienced teachers and viewing the classes that are taking place. The teacher for each section will also take a moment to explain what being on their section would involve. Then at the end of practise the new member is asked which section they would like to join and it is not until week two that the new member starts to learn the instrument in the class.

So what are the sections of the band, lets line them up and see.

The Banner

This is an important section to the band as it is the first part of the band that a parade crowd will see. This section does not need weekly practise and so we usually choose some less experienced members to do this, so it means they still get a chance to participate in the parade.

The Colour Party

This section is made up of the adult members of the band or some parents of members who have got involved in the band to help out on parades. The colour party is our flag section and we always proudly fly our Irish, Dublin and band flag. Then, the other flags that are flown depend on where we are visiting.

The majorettes

This section is made up of 2 parts, a pom pom section and a baton section. Each of which contains very talented girls and as always some beginners, who are thought by the more experienced.


The instruments is the main body of the band and currently has clarinets, trumpets, saxophones, euphoniums, and trombones. In most cases people who joined the band and took up an instrument had no experience even playing an instrument before. now these people have developed a skill and demonstrated great talent. Some, even with no previous experience, have become the leaders in their instrument section. The instruments are vital to the band as they provide the music that entertains the thousands of people they play to.

The Drum section

At the back of the band is the drum section, the pulse that keeps the band together when playing. This is is the hardest section to be a part of as they are no rests on parade. The drums are playing from the start of the parade, they play drum beats between songs and play the songs themselves, and don't stop until the parade is over. The ages people that play drums varries from as young as 5 all the way to adult. It is currently and has for a while been considered the strongest section in the band. The drums are not only the strongest section it continues to get stronger and stronger. Ever since the 2004 band trip to America something changed in the drum section. The drummers were inspired to develop new material and as a result in 2005 the drums parted from the rest of the band for the first time to form the Dublin All Stars Drumline. Although the drum section is first and foremost part of the Dublin All Stars Marching Band, it does continue to develop the 'Drumline' part of the Drum section.





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