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Interns' Comments
"One of the most worthwhile experiences of my life.  Not only was I gaining academic credit, I was gaining valuable work experience at the same time."
Tara Gellner, Landenberg, Pennsylvania.
"My mind and my resume have both benefited in ways unattainable at home."
Charlie Cates, Germantown, Tennessee.
"I detected a genuine interest in Dublin internships in seeing that each intern's experience was the best it could possibly be. "
Linda Pfaff, Mindoro, Wisconsin.
"My semester in Dublin surpasses every other semester of my schooling so far.  The main reason for my success and happiness in Ireland was my internship placement.  I felt like a true member of staff. My experiences with the company have proven invaluable."
Jaye Flanagan, Pawtucket, Rhode Island..
"Would highly recommend this program."
Steven Jones, Chico, California.
"I have been gifted with a hands on approach to my studies during this internship that has given me a different perspective on my studies and in my personal life."
Kristin Wilson, Boulder Colorado.
"I would highly recommend Dublin Internships program to any student wishing to apply the principles learned in the classroom to actual work in the field.   It was a great experience to intern in this truly cultural city."
Sean McDonnell, Abington, Massachusetts.
"I was placed in the best possible situation for what I needed to acccomplish.   I cannot stress enough how beneficial the internship was for professional goals'."
Catherine Nance, Claremont, California

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