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Who can apply?
     If you are a college junior or senior, a graduate student or a graduate, you are eligible to apply to Dublin Internships.  Undergraduate students will need to check with their Internship Program director or academic  advisor to ascertain the college's academic requirement for participation in the internship programme.
Will I get credit for my internship?
      Yes.  Your college will award the credits based on the work experience and fulfilling the requirements set out by your academic supervisor.  If your college does not award credit for internships, we can make arrangements with an approved college in the United States.
When can I participate in the Dublin Internship programme?
     Internships take place during fall and spring semesters and also during the summer.  The semester programme runs for 15 weeks and the summer internship is 10 weeks.
When should I apply?
     We advise you to contact us three months before the programme begins.
Will I be paid for my internship?
     Internships are credit based.
How do I begin the process?
     Go to the Further Information page and send us an email!

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