`Dinin and the Naughty Dog` 

'A real gem of a show, oozing with childlike imagination, original songs and catchy music. Colorful and fast paced this show has proven to be a winner with thousands of children since they started touring in 2006 '

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`Dinin and the Naughty Dog`

This 40 minutes play for children features characters from the TV series “Dinin”. The loved nutty pair “Ping and Pong” introduces the show with their special song and dance routine, but the show can't start until they leave the stage. Peter Parrot the director, goes crazy, Orla Ostrich has a crisis Dash the dog loves being naughty…. he chases Lamb, frightens Bawneen the rabbit, and ruins Bric the Badger's day, Will he listen to Caw-Caw the crow's warning? Or will Dinin the baby dinosaur save the day?
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Filled with original songs and music this colorful fast moving participation show has proven to delight its young audiences. This show was the first show from the trilogy to tour Dubai UAE in February 2007. See Video Clips Below