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e-mail    18/4/10

At three in the morning the fishing gods must have had mighty indigestion and for once were awake when I ventured down to Inch for the first time this year. Thanks to there benevolence after two missed bites I landed this bass of about 5-6lb. It was my first bass of the year, and after all the blanks myself and Geordie have had off beaches so far I was jubilant ( punching the sky, shouting the word yes! very loudly, that sort of thing) Crab was the bait, a half with the legs still on cast out about 100yds. The surf was up and the tide rapidly advancing as on the next cast I was into another fish. This time he got off in the suds crackin! sport though. Within ten minutes I was in again and landed my second fish. Due to a misguided sense of my stature as a budding photographer I took this snap of the fish with one hand while holding the rod with the other, after much cropping and photo shopping this was the best I could make it. My third fish followed on the next cast and was the best off the day at around 8lbs it gave me a great scrap after leaving me reeling like a Looney after a big slack line bite. After landing him I tried to get him back into the sea but he kept beaching himself so I eventually walked out knee deep in me new runners to set him in the right direction. Bloody freezing! a lesser man would have at this point called it a day. Or should I say a saner man, but not me, as is normal for me at night I use two rods and all the fish and bites had come from the Penn viper Dave Jolly has lent me (great rod). I was also using my supercast bass in close. I was getting nibbles on sandeel bait and I suspected small flatfish so I downsized the rig to a cut down shrimp rig with no6 hooks and one crab leg on each.  No sooner had I cast in at about ten yards than a bass took a hook and was away, what a fight with the light rod bent double and even though he got off it left me shaking. I packed it in when surfers arrived in force at around seven o'clock. Did I go home for a well deserved rest, no bleedin' way. I stopped off at East ferry pier to use up the bait, result 5 codling.