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AM & FM Radio reception in the Cork and Munster region of Ireland

FM Radio (88 -108 MHz)
Long Wave & Medium Wave Radio
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Full list of all the licenced radio stations that can be heard on the 88 to 108 MHz FM band in the Munster region


Full bandscan of the 88 to 108 MHz FM Band
from an elevated site near Cork City

(Updated Feb 2008)

Some long distance FM radio stations heard in Cork under enhanced conditions
(Updated Feb 2008)

Tuning guide for FM Radio in Cork City


Full bandscan of the 88 to 108 MHz FM Band
from an elevated site near Tralee, Co.Kerry

- - - Long Wave - - -

Long Wave reception in Cork, Ireland (153-279 khz)

- - - Medium Wave - - -

Daytime reception on the Medium Wave band in Cork, Ireland (531-1611 khz)

RTE Radio One - 729 khz from Cork, Ireland



25th Nov 2007 - Website Update - Since this website was updated last, the commercial station SPIN South West has started and transmits on several frequencies in the Munster region. It would seem that it can be heard outside it's intended service area if you listen from a good location. See the Munster list and the Cork Bandscan above for the updated information.

11th June 2007
- Cork Campus Radio frequency change -
In line with a BCI / ComReg directive, Cork Campus Radio (CCR) will move to the new frequency of 98.3 MHz as and from Monday, the 18th of June. CCR, which is based in University College Cork, will cease transmitting on the old frequency of 97.4 MHz on Thursday, the 14th of June. It is likely that anyone in the intended service area, i.e. Cork City, will not have any problems with the new frequency. However, anyone outside the city on high ground with marginal reception may recieve some interference. The Lyric FM stations
from Dungarvan on 98.1 MHz or from Maghera on 98.4 MHz may cause some splatter. In addition, there may be the possibility of interference from the very high power transmitter in Blaenplwyf on the West coast of Wales (BBC Radio 1 - 250 kw - 98.3 MHz) during times of high pressure.

19th May 2007
- East Limerick Community Radio on air for 4 months -
East Limerick Community Radio based in Bohorroe, East Limerick have been granted a tempory licence. They will transmit on 92.4 MHz and will be on air every Saturday and Sunday from the 19th of May until the 25th of August 2007.

31st March 2007 - Premier FM on air for 3 months - The Dublin based station Premier FM have been granted their 3rd tempory licence to transmit on the FM band every Saturday & Sunday from the 31st of March until the 1st of July 2007. They will be using the following frequencies...    Cork......106.7 MHz              Limerick........99.9 MHz

18th Jan 2007 - Community Radio Youghal moves to new frequency - Due to the introduction of Newstalk FM last September, listeners to Community Radio Youghal (which was on 107.2 MHz) have suffered from a lot of interference. As a results, CRY has now moved to the relatively clear frequency of 104.0 MHz. If anything, it may be a slightly better frequency than the old one as they no longer have to share the frequency with CSN in Cork City. CRY, despite its low power, can be heard quiet well in certain areas in Cork City (although it does suffer from interference from the pirate station Club 104 on 104.2 MHz)

29th Sept 2006 - Newstalk 106 FM goes National - The Dublin based news station went countrywide as of Friday, the 29th of September 2006. They were allocated a number of frequencies around 107 to 108 MHz.  As a result, a number of the low power hospital radio stations have had to move frequency.
South Tipperary General Hospital - They have moved from 107.2 to 93.7 MHz. This was to avoid clashing with the new Newstalk transmitter on 107.2 MHz on Mt. Leinster in Carlow.
Limerick Regional Hospital - They have moved from 107.2 to 94.2 MHz. The new frequency is far from ideal however in that the 160 KW RnG from Mullaghanish is on 94.4 MHz. This will probably reduce the coverage area of Limerick Regional Hospital station.
Cork University Hospital - They have moved from 107.8 to 102.0 MHz. The new frequency will have a large reduction in it's coverage area. The 160 KW Today FM transmitter on 101.8 MHz on Mullaghanish and the 5 KW Beat 102-3 FM transmitter on 102.2 MHz near Dungarvan will cause a lot of interference to any listeners outside of Cork City.

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