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• Name?

   Wayne 'Rickter' Scales.


• Nickname & why?

   Debbie !!! (Enough said)


• Age?



• Star sign?

   Mars, Venus & Pluto.


• How long have you worked on Freedom?

   Too bloody long.



• Favourite saying?

   "You asked for it" (Did I?)


• Favourite album?

   Richie Kavanagh's greatest focals.


• Favourite song?

   Village People - In the Navy (its great).


• Favourite film?

   Debbie does Dallas (Nothing to do with the nick name).


• What's the first thing you do in the morning?

   Wake up.


• Do you wear boxers or thongs?

   All of the above.


• What 3 items would you take with you to a desert island?

   A radio, women and drink.


• Funniest drunken moment? (that you can remember)

   Can’t remember? (Nope really cant!)


• What would you say before you kicked the bucket?

   Oh, look, there’s a bucket, lets kick it.


• Things that satisfy you the most?

   Chicken curry, fried rice!


• Happiness is?

   In the pub!


• What do you wear in bed?


• Most embarrassing moment on air in general?

   Too many to mention.


• Have you any phobias?

   Wasps AHHH, hate them.

• Most annoying song?

   Scooter - the logical song (swaaaah)


• What would you buy if you won the lotto?

   A boob job.


• What will be on your grave stone?

   "He asked for it"






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