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This weeks saucy scandal  - with Wayne Scales

May 5th Monday
Russian lesbian pop duo Tatu are filming a video in the centre of London later - after inviting fans to dress in school uniform and take part.The pair asked fans to join them for the shoot during a live appearance at the HMV store in Oxford Circus. Singer Lena Katina told fans: "We will shoot our video and we want to invite all the girls 16 years and over and who are not at school to wear their school uniform." About 350 fans watched the pair mime to two songs during an appearance which ended with a teasing embrace.

May 6th Tuesday
50 Cent is apparently being sued by a surgeon in the US who claims he is yet to pay his bill. Dr Nader Paksima says the rapper still owes him $20,000 for treatment he carried out for gunshot wounds three years ago. He says he hopes the oversight can be sorted out before the case reaches court.
If that wasn't bad enough, 50 Cent is also being sued by a hip hop promoter for a whopping £3.1m after he suddenly pulled out of a gig in Idaho last weekend Sunday.

May 7th Wednesday
Kylie Minogue wowed fans by appearing at a body art exhibition of the human body - with models who flashed their underwear.The sexy songstress was the guest of honour at the Body Craze show in London. Arriving in a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantom, she posed on the red carpet in a demure black raincoat. She was flanked by 10 models in Burberry macs who gave the crowd flashes of black underwear from her Love Kylie underwear range.

May 8th Thursday
Sexy teen opera singer Charlotte Church has completed the transformation to seductive vamp. The Welsh soprano, who has performed for the pope, presidents and royalty, ditched her girlish image for photoshoot with THE FACE magazine. And after selling more than 10 million records, she's counting down the days to her 18th birthday next year when she can get her hands on her fortune.

May 9th Friday
The right music is key to a winning performance on the football pitch -- and U.S. rapper Eminem comes top of the list for inspirational tunes, a psychologist has found. The soundtrack to Eminem's film debut "8 Mile" tops a survey of footballers' favourite motivational music, the Guardian newspaper reported on Friday. Players were motivated by Eminem's determined, repetitive dance rhythms combined with cutting lyrics that were often themed around reclaiming pride and self-confidence in the face of difficult circumstances.

What's the story?  - with Wayne Scales

Freedom 92FM finds some strange but very true storys’ from this weeks news...

Authorities at Dublin Zoo, worried by the erratic behaviour of their female polar bear, commissioned a study to find the problem and discovered she simply had a bad case of marital stress.

Experts monitored the behaviour of the bear and her mate and concluded the female's constant, agitated pacing of their shared enclosure was due to the male. " Now the pair, Ootec and Spunky, are to be moved to new accommodation in eastern Hungary where Spunky can chill out in her own exclusive space.

A Detroit radio station has been told by federal regulators to clean up its act or face losing its broadcast licence after airing explicit sex talk that included violence against women.

The Federal Communications Commission proposed fining Infinity's 97.1 WKRK-FM station $27,500 (11,000 Euro) for the January 9, 2002 "Deminski & Doyle Show" broadcast between 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., during which the on-air personalities asked listeners to call to talk about strange sex techniques.

Genetically fattened flies may help humans lose weight, according to a German scientist.
New research on the Drosophila fruit fly at Germany's Max-Planck Institute in Goettingen has established a link between fat storage mechanisms in insects and mammals. Project leader Ronald Kuehnlein said examining flies was providing valuable insights into how fats are processed.

U.S.-led forces say they have renamed Baghdad's Saddam International Airport to drop the name of the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. It was now called simply Baghdad International, Brigadier General Vincent Brooks told a news briefing at Central Command Headquarters after U.S. forces battled their way into the airport just 20 km (12 miles) southwest of the city centre.

Got a strange bit of news you wanna include in ‘What’s The Story? Well email me with your name and feature.

Wayne Scales
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