Welcome to Gavaghan Cycles 

We stock and can supply a wide range of bikes
and biking gear from a wide range of manufacturers.
Whether it is simply to get you around town or you
are into serious road racing or mountain biking
we can do something for you

  • What Bike

    So the first question to ask yourself is "What kind of use will this bike get?" If it is just to go to the shops school,college,or work a few km away and maybe not every day then you don't need to spend a huge amount of money.
    The most important thing when buying a bike is to get the correct size. People can spend thousands on a bike but the money is totally wasted if the bike doesn't fit you. The frame needs to be right, so make sure you test the bike: think about the width of the bars and the length of the handlebar stem.

Bike to work Scheme

Bike to work

Using the Bike to Work scheme, your employer can help you obtain a brand new bike and safety equipment worth up to 1,000 euro. You can use a salary sacrifice arrangement to pay for the bike monthly and that means you can save up to 52% of the retail price of bike and equipment.

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