We provide repairs and service to all leading brands of bicycle

Gavaghan Cycles offer a top class bicycle repair service. Good value for money and friendly service, everything you need to keep your bike in a perfect condition.

We participate in the Bike to Work Scheme The new bike scheme covers bicycles and accessories up to a maximum cost of €1,000. The bicycle must be purchased by your employer, but the scheme can then operate either with your employer bearing the full cost of the bicycle, or by way of a salary-sacrifice agreement (like the existing travel card scheme) in which you pay for it tax free, over 12 months.

Participating in the bicycle scheme is easy. If your employer decides to take part, you choose a bike and any accessories, they buy the bike and equipment on your behalf and off you go. It is up to you and your employer to decide whether they buy the bike outright for you or whether you pay for it via a salary sacrifice. Either way you save on tax.

The scheme is flexible in its application in that your employer doesn't have to specifically notify the Revenue Commissioners that you are availing of the scheme and there are no Government forms to fill out. However, your employer does have to maintain the normal records such as invoices and payment details associated with buying the bike.