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Some of our young stock sharing their pasture with ponies.

The herd: Our animals are suckler fed and raised to maturity on naturally manured grass. No concentrates are used at any stage in their upbringing. It is our belief that proper stocking rates and a correct mix of animals precludes the need for harsh chemical medications and after 25 years of experience we have, thankfully, never had to deviate from this policy.

The meat:
All our beef is butchered to the very highest standards, includes all of the regular cuts, is frozen and labelled .

Generally people order a quarter of an animal. This includes half a front quarter and half a hind. In this way the whole range of cuts is included. Such an order weighs approximately 30 kilos.
It is, of course, possible to order smaller amounts.

Some people prefer to order through the consumer groups we have operating in Dublin and Limerick.

Gortrua is certified by IOFGA.

For more information feel free to contact us

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