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Tools of the Trade


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Reed, rye straw and Scollops
River or lake reed is strong, durable and has a coarse stalk.
Rye straw (other available straw includes wheat, oat etc.) has a finer stalk.
Hazel Scollops (hazel or willow) are used to hold the thatch in place
The hands are a thatchers most important tool.
The reed pin, metal bittle and wooden leggat.
The reed pin has measurement denoting different depths of thatch.
The bittle and leggat are used to beat and sweep the thatch.
Swan-nosed pliers for manipulating the reed
The bittle at work.
Sheep shears used to cut and shape.
Mini-shears at work.
The batha (a wooden paddle) applying the finishing touches to the shape.
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