21st August


Steeple Woods.

I suspect that Steeple is going to be good for fungi. This early exploration bodes well.

Mostly solid rain, with a couple of sunny intervals.

Much of Steeple is covered in ancient Beech trees, so I wasn't surprised to find plenty of Russula mairei - the Beechwood Sickener. I'm currently researching wildlife in prehistoric times (Late neolithic/early bronze age) and this is one species that would not have been present. There were no Beech trees in Ireland at that time.


This is a strange one, though. Part of Steeple is on a very steep south-facing slope. A pathway is cut into the slope, exposing vertical rocks and crevices. This specimen was growing downwards in a crevice, presumably in association with Beech far overhead.

One very large tree in particular was covered in this bracket - Ganoderma applanatum. This specimen was about 10 cm across.

Two shots of a tiny Mycena growing directly on moss. Cap about 6mm across.


Another moss-loving fungus is Omphalina ericetorum. Cap about 2 cm across.

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