22nd August


More from Steeple Woods.


Mostly solid rain, with a couple of sunny intervals.


First a few more mines. This is Stigmella aurella, which is very common here. The adult moth is very brightly coloured with a gold metallic band across the wings.


And two shots of Stigmella betulicola on a Birch leaf.


I've stared and stared at this Chromatomyia aprilina mine on Honeysuckle, but I can't quite work out if it's one mine or many mines radiating from a central spot. Multiples, I think.


The Birch also had this tiny (1 cm.) caterpillar on a leaf. No id, yet.


Three galls on oak, all vacated, as you can see.


And there's the first ripe Bramble that I've seen this year.

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