14th September


High Heath.

There's a great deal of colour around, if you just look for it.

Rain and windy.


This is one of the the nymph states of Troilus luridus - a Shield Bug. This is a predatory species, eating the juveniles and adults of many insects, including Ladybirds. About 1 cm. long.

Last year I found a single larva of the Vapourer moth - Orgyia antiqua. This specimen was about 2 k distant from the first location. The Vapourer is interesting in that the female is flightless. This means that the species can only extend its range at the speed at which the female or caterpillar can walk. About 3 cm. long.

This is the leaf mine of Agromyza nana - another Agromyzid fly. The pupa can easily be seen in both shots. On Red Clover.



I just managed to get a shot of this egg-laden female beetle before she waddled off under the leaf.

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