15th September


Drumboe Woods.


Rain much of the day.


Suddenly it's Autumn.

And, yes, Drumboe is on a slope - the River Finn is about 100 m to the left.

I hadn't noticed this single Hazel hiding amongst all the Birch and Beech around here. The fallen nuts gave it away.

Bolbitius vitellinus (left) is a very common small fungus in grassland. On the right is a very autumnal Lactarius.


Cream spores, stipe colouring orange on cutting, milk mild, under Birch. 6-10 cm.cap. Cap Slimy when wet, downy when dry.


The very strong scent of coconut helped me to identify Lactarius glyciosmus. The milk is hot and bitter, but after a delay.


This appears to be the Deceiver - Laccaria laccata. It can be white, pink, orange or brown, hence the name.

Another mine, this time on Beech. It's Stigmella hemargyrella - a micromoth.


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