27th September


Original Hedgerow, leg 2.


Blue skies!


I spotted this odd 7-spot ladybird from quite a distance. The left and right halves have strikingly different-sized markings.

I've previously shown Cassida rubiginosa - The Thistle Tortoise Beetle - as larva and pupa. This is the first adult I've found. The colour and size make it very difficult to spot. That purple/brown mark on the elytra looks remarkably like the ends of thistle leaves, too.



A newish hoverfly for the site. I have previously shown it, but without a full id. It's Eristalis arbustorum.

I really like this picture of a late Raspberry flower with attendant Melanostoma hoverfly.


I was searching for some leaves of Greater Reedmace - Typha latifolia - for a talk I'm giving next month.

The seedhead looked ideal for a photograph.


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