8th December


High deforested area.


Dull and wet.

Mosses are looking good at the moment. Two shots of Sphagnum mosses. Different species, I think, rather than the same species in different states.


Pleurozium schreberi on the left and Philonotis fontana on the right.


Young specimens of Willow often have a dense covering of lichens. This one has (at least) Lecanora chlarotera (green fruit bodies), Lecidella elaeochroma (black fruit bodies), Graphis sp. (just above centre, left), and a tiny ?Parmelia.


Looking a bit more closely at the Lecanora, the colour of the fruitbodies is quite difficult to describe.


I don't know whether this is a Galerina or  Conocybe. I didn't take the specimen, I was just pleased to get a decent shot. Cap about 6mm. across.

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