9th April


Trip to the river Deele in the morning.

A nice picture of the Lady's Smock or Cuckoo flower. I had to balance precariously on the river bank to get this shot.

Two insects. On the left, a Stonefly, and a tiny (4mm)  leaf beetle on the leaf of the Ramsons (right).


And lastly from the river, a nice shot of a group of plants growing in the 'vee' of a large Sycamore. I spotted Woodrush, Wood-Sorrel and what looks like Hogweed. A flower-arranger couldn't do better.

Later, I went up to the deep forestry and spotted this Owl Pellet. I took it home and broke it up. The contents were mostly bones and hair/fur. The pellet is about 6 cm long, and the bones in the right hand image are about 1 cm long. I think the pointed bone to the lower rhs might be the 'wishbone' of a bird.


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