17th February


Very bright sunshine most of the day, today. I went up to our highest local point; a very rough, recently deforested area. You can see for at least 40 miles from here. The mountain in the photo is Errigal - Donegal's highest point. Two years ago, all you could see from here was Spruce. It will be interesting to see how the flowering plants make use of the new light.

Two mosses to start. The one on the left appears to have spore-producing cups, as opposed to the more usual stalked capsules. The one on the right was a perfect sphere growing on live Willow.




This Parmelia lichen was photographed using the telephoto lens. It was far too big for the macro setting - about 20 cm from top left to lower right.

Here's a fungus I last showed in October - Dacrymyces stillatatus. I usually see it on dead logs.

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