29th February


I thought I might be able to take advantage of the snow covering on the higher land, today. So I made sure I was early and went up to the heavily wooded area between the plantations. The results are fascinating. I was able to survey virgin snow for animal tracks. It was exciting to know that only a couple of foxes, a few birds and a rodent or two had been there with me.

This panel is the story of a fox (maybe two) and about half a mile of its journey.

At the top left, a fox on a journey. Very straight tracks, nothing to distract it. Then at the top right, a quick detour to a marking post.



At lower left, a trip into (and back out of) a hole in a Gorse bush. This may be a path to the lair, or maybe it was just checking for rabbits. The print on the lower right is as good a footprint as I could get. The print size is about 4 cm long x 2.5 cm wide.

This one made me laugh. It is the track of a small rodent (Wood Mouse?) leaping through the snow. Each little cluster of 4 prints was about 4cm x 3cm.

And two birds to finish. On the left a walker going across the path. I suspect something like a Partridge, based on size and gait. On the right, a landing spot followed by a few hops. About 10 hops later there was a flurry where the bird had taken off again. Maybe a Blackbird or Thrush.


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