1st March


A quick trip up to the path leading to the stone circle. This is going to be a very rich source of images. It's a wide sloping path cut deeply into the hillside, with tall deciduous trees on both sides forming a complete canopy. A stream appears and reappears first on one side, then on the other.

Two Umbellifer leaves. On the left, Cow Parsley, and Ground Elder on the right.


The deep cut into the bank results in vertical earth walls on either side. The earth is held in place by a network of tree roots and Ivy 'trunks'.The image to the left is of a lichen that grows on bare earth or on bark. It is essentially a turquoise powder. Perhaps Lepraria incana. On the right you can see the suckers or aerial roots of the Ivy. The Ivy trunk was about 10 cm in diameter at this point.


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