1st January


Two places visited, today: The original Hedgerow and the river Deele.


No Herons spotted, but I did get a very unseasonal Umbellifer that looks like Hogweed. Time will tell.




These are seedlings of  the Goosegrass. They're just beginning to appear in most hedgerows and verges around here.


This nice example of Rustyback was growing on the wall. The brown back to the leaflets can be seen at the top of the picture.



Here's another picture of the Cladonia. I do like the trumpet-shaped spore-bearing structures. They're about 3mm across. This is Cladonia pyxidata - the Speckled Pixie Cup.


This is the flower head I spotted by the river. The leaf to the right suggests Hogweed. It looks like the flowers will be open in a few days or so.



I struggled last year to get a decent image of the Yarrow leaves. This one isn't bad. The Bramble looks interesting, too.

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