15th March


I paid a visit to an ancient woodland not far west of my usual patch. The most striking features were the huge ancient Oak trees. Lots of lichens and the ground was covered in Bluebell leaves shooting from the bulbs.

These two lichens were growing on Beech. The visible sample in each case is about 8 cm.


Possibly Lecanora chlarotera on the left and a Parmelia with shiny black underside on the right.

The deeply wrinkled green lichen on the left completely covered the twig. I have no idea of the species of either the lichen or the twig. On the right a Script Lichen - Graphis elegans - growing on Oak. (Sample about 8 cm across)



This is, I think, a beetle larva. About 15mm long and moving very quickly. I had to use flash to arrest the movement.


A fascinating sample of an Earth-ball fungus. It was about 10 cm across and would have been white or pale brown when fresh last autumn. All the other adjacent samples were broken down, but this one had survived for some reason. I presume the green bloom comes from some algae growing on the surface.

Scleroderma citrinum.

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