14th March


Original hedgerow, today, between showers. Biting cold wind. I've also corrected the identification of the Speedwell from 10th March.


I thought the Butterbur might not show this year, because the area I saw it in last year has been excavated. This lonely specimen was pushing up through the debris. It's about 3 weeks earlier than last year.

Butterbur is closely related to Winter Heliotrope.


The Coltsfoot is making nice bright yellow clumps now. The 'clock' seedheads should be starting, soon.

There were a lot of these 7-spot ladybirds out, today. They must be finding some food somewhere. This one was hunting on a Spear Thistle.



This picture of the Slender Speedwell shows the rounded leaves, and the mauve colour of the flower.

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