10th June


Trip to Hornhead beach, today.


Dull and sticky. Occasional torrential downpours.

I was walking along the beach when I saw a Ringed Plover pretending to have a broken wing. A few yards further on I spotted the nest. Not quite what the bird intended.

A whole range of new flowering plants for me today.

In no particular order, we have: Sea Aster.

Sea Plantain (left) and Sea Rocket.


Wild Carrot, with our usual 7-spot Ladybird.

Heath Speedwell (left) and Slender St. John's Wort.


A large lichen growing on a rock that's possibly just clear of high tide. Xanthoria parietina.

As it was very dull, the Scarlet Pimpernel wasn't open. I did, however find a detached flower.



This is Wild Thyme. Pity I didn't know to smell it when I took the photo. Very small, growing in a rock crevice.


Finally, Sea Milkwort (not related to the Heath Milkworts shown earlier).


Thanks to Carl for the id's on these last two.

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