12th June


A butterfly hunt to various locations in south Donegal. First a seaside wooded area, then a high heath, followed by a seaside limestone-edged bog, then back to seaside woodland.


Dull earlier, then brilliant sunshine.

I think I'll do this in more-or-less chronological order, so we started with the Small Heath (left) and the Meadow Brown (right).


Then a couple of images of the Common Blue (male)


And then the Small Blue.


I spotted this female Drinker moth and the caterpillar of the 6-spot Burnet Moth.


The high heath offered up this Large Heath Butterfly - not actually much larger than the Small Heath. Patience is one of the keys to getting a picture of this butterfly - it's very active, and very wary.

In the same location I found the Heath Spotted Orchid and the Cross-Leaved Heath.


Two tiny flowers as we left the area: The Fairy Flax (flower about 4 mm across) and the Eyebright (right).


The Lesser Stitchwort (left) is a little earlier down by the sea, and I haven't seen Quaking Grass for years.



I'll finish today with the Self-Heal - again a bit earlier down here.


Tomorrow will see the bulk of today's remaining photos.

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