17th June


Original Hedgerow.


Dull and wet.

The Ground Elder is beginning to replace the Cow Parsley, now. The next umbellifer to flower will be Angelica, in about 4 weeks.


Here's another Bramble. A bit more pink this time, with 8 petals. I don't think I've seen a 'normal' 5-petalled one, yet.

I spotted this green caterpillar on the seedhead of the Ribwort Plantain. About 2 cm long.


Every gardener's nightmare - the Black Aphid. This was the 'mother' and was standing next to about 6 duller and smaller offspring. Ok..ok..the picture's upside down - she was actually hanging there.


This tiny (8mm) sawfly was hanging just at the edge of a Snowberry leaf. Another 'upside-down' picture.

Another grass - this time Yorkshire Fog.

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