16th June


High Heath then original Hedgerow.


Sunny intervals then later rain.

This Cat's-ear was interestingly formed. The entire flowering stem was doubled like a figure of eight in cross section. That, however, made it weak in one direction and the flower-head was nodding rather than erect.


I saw many of these Red-necked Footman moths - mostly around Willow. This pair had landed on the peat ditch.


There were many of these hoverflies - Eristalis pertinax - flying today. This one perched on the Ox-Eye Daisy.


Another male Eristalis pertinax - this time on Cat's - Ear. The picture clearly shows the vein structure on the wings.


This Common Carpet Moth appeared to be tracking me through the path. Eventually it settled and I took this shot on moss on a willow.

Back via the Hedgerow, now. I spotted this Forget-Me-Not at the edge of a dryish ditch. I think it's the Tufted Forget-Me-Not. The flowers are around 3-4 mm. across. (I later spotted some more growing directly in a ditch.)



While I was down taking the Forget-Me-Not I saw this caterpillar moving rapidly across some grasses. Usually, when they're moving this quickly they are hunting for somewhere to pupate.

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