22nd June


Various verges around town.


Dull with torrential rain from time to time.


This is the Creeping Thistle. It will now be the dominant species in many verges around here.

This gall was growing on a few leaves of the Wych Elm. I notice that the area around the base of the gall has discoloured, too. Gall about 1 cm across.


This unpleasant-looking larva was sitting on the top of a Common Spotted Orchid. I returned about 15 minutes later and it was still there. No damage to the flowers was noted.


Maybe it has 'Summit disease', too. I'll check in a day or two.


The Hogweed is proving productive hunting ground for insects. I have no idea what this one is at all. About 6mm long.


This tiny Ladybird was hiding in a smaller head of Cock's-Foot grass. I haven't quite worked out how many spots it has. About 4 mm long.

I always find it difficult to accept that this Plume Moth is actually a moth. I also wonder how on earth it can possibly fly with those extremely thin wings. About 15 mm long.

There must be a caption for this image of two hoverflies with a Blow-fly in the lower right corner.

I think this must be an absolutely tiny wasp. I've shown the whole flower below it to give some sense of scale. Less than 5 mm long.

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