3rd May


Original hedgerow, again...very early, before the rains came. Dry early, windy and cold later.

An alternative name for the convolvulus or bindweed is 'ropeweed'. This name comes from its habit of using last year's stems to climb up. The right hand image shows this year's shoot.


Two uncurling ferns. First the Rustyback and then the Broad Buckler. Notice that the ferns un-curl width-ways as well as length-wise.

Two different stages of Lacrymaria lacrybunda - the Weeping Widow. The one on the right is about 12cm across.


When I saw the curled Nettle leaf on the left I suspected that some insect larva was using it as protection. I nudged it open to reveal the inhabitant. Maybe a moth or sawfly. Larva about 1 cm long.

Two early glimpses. First the Hedge Woundwort, and then the Herb Bennet.


This is the first flower of the Herb Robert that I've seen this year, but I can see that I missed one earlier flower. I notice that it only has 4 petals - the same as last year's first one. I suppose it's easier to lose a petal than to gain one.


This specimen was growing on stones and was very dwarfed and very red. I've sometimes noticed that plants in 'difficulty' are earlier or brighter than usual. Flower about 6mm across.


The first flower spikes of the Navelwort are just appearing. It will be quite some time before we see the green bell-shaped flowers.

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