4th May


High de-forested area with bog, today. Strange mixture of sun, rain and wind.

First, two images of what I think is the Marsh Violet. The leaves on this were stunted, so I couldn't confirm the identification. I'll monitor the single specimen and update if required. Flower about 1 cm. across.



This is the Pine Weevil; not too surprising given that this was coniferous forestry until 2 years ago. Now it has 4 to 5 year old Larch to roam around in. About 2cm. long.

This Mitrula paludosa or Bog Beacon caught my eye in the deep shade under some old Scots Pines. It grows on dead vegetation floating on water. The spores are quite interesting, too, so I might show them soon. I think it's quite scarce. The entire specimen is about 4 cm. tall.

This is an early glimpse of the New Zealand Willowherb - an escape that has reached the highest points in many areas. Specimen about 10 cm across.

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