8th May


High de-forested area, today. A reprise of the Lousewort, and a confirmation of the Bog Violet. Sunny but cool.

One Orange Tip (male) and one Red Admiral.


Yesterday, I showed the Lousewort in the sylvatica subspecies. This one has a hairy calyx, and that makes it the hibernicus subspecies. Having been made aware of the possible presence of this subspecies, I hunted high and low for it, only to find it growing intertwined with the very specimen from yesterday.

Last week I showed a tentative Bog Violet. Today I found a whole area covered with them, confirmed by the very round leaves: (Note the Devil's Bit Scabious leaf in the background)

Note for photographers: I also discovered during the setting-up of this photo that my camera can use Macro and Aperture Priority at the same time. So, given enough light, I can take macro pictures with a large depth of field, like this one.


This is one of the Scutellinia (or eye-lash) fungi. The specimen shown is about 4 mm across. Only when I was cropping this shot did I notice the ring of ?mosses to the right with red tips that must be less than 0.5 mm across.

Two emerging plants. On the left, the Common Butterwort - an insect-eating plant. On the right, the first leaves of the Angelica - my favourite host for insect photographs.


A proper shot of the Herb Robert - a Geranium.



I was hunting for some Hawthorn Blossom when I spotted this Greenfinch, and managed to squeeze in a quick shot.

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