6th August


Various verges near town.


Dull and warm.

The Ragwort is also proving very attractive to insects at the moment. This hoverfly is, I think, the Drone Fly, Eristalis tenax.


This very attractive metallic fly is not a hoverfly - the wing veins show that clearly - it's one of the Soldier Flies.

Perhaps Chloromyia formosa.


And this Harvestman clearly knows about Ragwort and flies. No web in sight (Harvestmen don't make webs), it must be a pouncer.


One last hoverfly from the Ragwort - it has very distinctive wide thighs. From a distance I thought it was a bee collecting pollen. Maybe more mimicry.

Looks like Syritta pipiens.

The colours in this image of the Small Tortoiseshell on the Buddleija were too good to miss.

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