8th August


Coniferous plantation with deciduous borders. Very close to yesterday's location.


I went early to avoid the promised storm. Fortunately, the Clegs don't get up early.


Added tentative identification to ichneumon Amblyteles armatorius on 4th August.


Wet and windy after a calmer start.


I've found out what's eating the lower surface of the Willow leaves. The larva of a leaf beetle, possibly the Willow Leaf Beetle. About 5 mm. long.

This Broad-Leaved Willowherb - American Willowherb hybrid was growing under conifers, hence the dark background. Thanks to Carl & Gill for the id help.


This Pine Weevil was climbing up some Rosebay Willowherb. Many of the leaves were chewed and slightly browned. The guilty party?

A pair of pairs. The Acrobats (my name for them) on the left flew with one flying backwards (the male, I think). The Hoverflies flew with both facing the same direction.


This is the first of the larger Ichneumons with decorated antennae. The body is orange-coloured, so I'm going to call it the White-spotted Orange.


This female Ichneumon has a medium-sized ovipositor. Some are very stubby, and you saw the ultimate on 1st August.

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