17th August


Tramore dunes, near Dunfanaghy.


Corrected hoverfly identification on 13th August.


Sunny and hot. 5 Wall Brown, 1 Common Blue, 100+ Meadow Brown.


En route from the car to the dunes, I spotted about 5 of these Wall Browns. They are very wary, hence the less than brilliant photograph.


Something about this Trefoil shouted "look more closely". Turns out it's Black Medick, a new species for me. Flower heads about 8mm. across. The tiny point at the tip of the leaf is diagnostic.


At first, I thought this was Bladder Campion, but given the location (estuary about 20 m away) and the rounded petals, I'm going for Sea Campion.


The Pyramidal Orchids were clearly very numerous here. This one was just hanging on. A vibrant colour.

Two yellows. On the left, Lady's Bedstraw, and on the right a Wild Pansy (flower about 15mm tall), perhaps the maritime subspecies, curtisii



This Field Gentian is the first I've seen. A strangely-shaped flower, presumably to encourage an insect with a long tongue, such as a butterfly or moth.


At first I thought this was the Water Speedwell, but the colours are quite pinkish. The Pink Water Speedwell has pink flowers, but narrow leaves. This might well be the hybrid.


This very small, creeping, yellow daisy was everywhere, along with Mouse-ear Hawkweed. I think it might be the Lesser Hawkbit. Flowers about 15 mm across, with tiny waved leaves.

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