25th August


Original Hedgerow.


Dull all day.

Three shots of Willow leaves being destroyed - all on one specimen of Goat Willow. First a fungal rust (Melampsora sp.)

And two shots of Sawfly larvae. They are adopting the classic 'S' shape. The single specimen of Nematus pavidus - The Lesser Willow Sawfly - on the left is 15mm long. Those on the right are around 5mm. (and are younger versions of the one on the left).


Thanks to John for the id.

This has to be one of the strangest creatures I've found this year. It's living on (and feeding on) Creeping Thistle. Turns out it's the pupa of the Thistle Tortoise Beetle - Cassida rubiginosis. Thanks to Matt for that.

Another Hoverfly - maybe a Platycheirus. Around 1 cm. long.

This is a tiny (5mm) Solitary Bee. Perhaps a Lasioglossum of some kind.

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