31st July


Original Hedgerow - what an excellent place.


Updated Hoverfly identifications for yesterday.


Sunny and warm. 30+ Green Veined Whites, 5 Meadow Browns, 10 Ringlets.


These two Green-Veined Whites were able to fly whilst joined. I suppose one must be able to fly backwards.


Since these will be second-brood, we must anticipate a third brood in a few weeks' time.

This fungal infection was on a single specimen of (I think) False Oat Grass. I can't be sure, since the top of the plant had been pulled off. The close-up shows the spore-bearing structures very clearly.

It is Epichloe typhina - grass choke




A single specimen of the larva of the Cinnabar Moth on Ragwort. There won't be much left of this plant in a day or so.

The Tutsan is very 'red' at the moment.but I notice that yellow buds are still present.


A nice little shot of the Knapweed. There are very few insects on the Knapweed at the moment, but they've only just opened. A few Bumble Bees were visiting them in turn.

I watched this Rhingia campestris hoverfly on the Marsh Woundwort. It is holding the flower apart with front and middle legs, presumably to make the nectar tube more accessible. I suppose it must have different 'opening' techniques for different flowers.

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