30th July


Paths in mixed coniferous plantation with deciduous borders.


Due to the still air and the Angelica, this is declared "Insect day"


Sun trying to break through. Air very still.

This must be a queen Bumble Bee. She was 2.5 cm long. After a little while trying to take off she managed to get about 10cm. off the ground and flew slowly away.


Most Ringlet images this year have been underside (arguably the most attractive side, anyway), but here is a full top shot.


The great thing about the Angelica is that it attracts nectar feeders, pollinators and predators looking for either nectar or the other visitors. The Ichneumon Wasps (all predators) have very long antennae that are constantly probing over and under the flowers. There are a great many Ichneumons. That, combined with a great lack of documented research, makes positive identifications very difficult.

I had no idea that we had blue hoverflies. Leucozona glaucia.


I've been looking forward to seeing these Sawflies. They perform the most amazing acrobatics in thistles, twisting and turning around.

One of my aims this year is to photograph a hoverfly hovering. This is nearly a good picture.


Lastly, and just to prove that life goes on beyond insects - a picture of a little (1 cm. across) Waxcap. Brilliant colour. Hygrocybe conica.

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