1st October


Bridge over the river Deele, and a quick visit to the high heath.




Occasionally sunny with pulses of showers and heavy rain.

Perhaps not everyone's favourite. The Dung Fly - Scatophagus stercoraria. The larvae live in animal dung, but the adult fly is a predator, catching flies in mid-flight and then landing to eat them.

These photos were taken on Ivy - the current nectaring plant for insects.

I showed this apple tree earlier in the year. The apples are now ripe, and quite delicious. Obviously not a Crab Apple, but the fruits are rather small (5 cm. across).

The tree is in an area that was coniferous plantation until about 2 years ago, and is surrounded by Willows. Either bird-sown, or a discarded core, I think. I'd guess the tree is around 20 years old.


This solitary Peacock was making best use of the slight amount of sunlight. If disturbed, it returned to the same spot.


These are the seedheads of the Common Centaury. They always remind me of candelabra.

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