30th September


A nearby lawn and a wooded verge about 100m from my house.




Mostly sunny with pulses of showers.

Hygrocybe conica is commonly known as the Blackening Waxcap. The image on the right shows why.


On the same lawn I spotted a few clusters of Clavaria acuta - a pure white fungus about 7 cm. tall.

These looked like tiered clusters of mushrooms, but they're all fruiting caps of a single specimen of Meripilus giganteus about 40 cm across. The individual cap on the left (underside shown) is about 10 cm across. The cream pores bruise dark black.





While I was taking the above pictures, I spotted a Common Figwort starting to flower again. I always think the flowers are interesting, if foul-smelling. Individual flowers about 5mm across.

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