30th October


Coniferous plantation with deciduous borders.




Bright and warm.

Two shots of Smooth Hawksbeard - Crepis capillaris. The upper leaves have little points at the rear that clasp the stem.


Two Mycenas - Mycena epipterygia on the left and Mycena sp. on the right. Both growing on moss under conifers.



This is another shot of Helvella crispa - the White Helvella. Rear specimen about 10 cm. tall.


These little specimens of Leptoglossum retirugum were growing on the ends of moss. About 5mm across.


These little lilac gelatinous fungi appear to be Neobulgaria pura. About 8mm across, on the ends of logs.


This is probably the last shot of Devil's-bit Scabious for this year. Most have gone to seed, now.

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