31st October


A trip to Necarne Castle in Co. Fermanagh.




High pressure, but dull.

At first I thought this little group of Mycena pura was some kind of mushroom with hairs.

On closer inspection, I saw that the 'hairs' were actually another tiny fungus - Spinellus fusiger - parasitic on the Mycena.


The right hand image shows the tiny parasitic fungi. They're about 3mm. long.


This brown/green gelatinous mass is Nostoc commune. - a cyanobacterium....highly prized in some countries as a delicacy.

Specimen shown about 6 cm. across.

I initially thought this was a Wood Mushroom, which is edible. But on cutting the stem it immediately went bright yellow at the base, so that makes it the Yellow Stainer - Agaricus xanthodermus, which is poisonous.


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